About us

It's About Passion

Under new management since April 2015.

We offer an excellent selection of German Food.

Our Specials rotated every week from "roasted pork" (Schweinebraten) to    "beef rouladen" ( Rinderrouladen) to  "chicken stripes (Geschnetzeltes v.Huhn)

to "smoked pork chop" with sauerkraut (Kassler mit Sauerkraut)

Our History

Andreas found his passion in cooking since 1996 and he always cooked all the favorite recipes from his grandmother and learn all about the flavouring ingredients.

We have a variety of courses including pasta, seafood and sausages and of course our famous Schnitzel which comes in 19 varieties. So you can try the best for you. 


We always love the american way of life, until we came to Florida during our honeymoon. And from then on Florida never let us go.

It's a big deal for us to serve fresh cooked german food in the "Schnitzel House".

Who pleasure gives shall joy receive. 


Onion Rings

Mozzarella Sticks

Chicken Tenders

Potato Pancakes with sourcreme


Pork Schnitzel with your choice of topping you like

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Veal Loaf


Salads , Pasta , Fish

Caesar Salad


Salmon-Filet baked

Dessert  , homemade


Black Forest Cake